Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ball Texture Tests

The last big question to be answered about my project is the character or better yet, the texture of the character. I attempted to build the playable ball from the jello texture to which the world shall be built. This however was not very successful. I did like the middle top (the black with the white ball inside)  and the one to its right but bar that I think that jello on jello, it would fail to stand out.

I then began to look at hard object such as (in order right to left) Matte_Finish, Rubber, 50% Rubber/50% Matte, Matte_Plastic and Pearl texture. I quite like these hard textures so I put the jello in the background to really grasp if it would go together. I quite like the matte and rubber (the first two on the left) as they, to me, stand out but fit nicely. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Museum Presentation

Im looking at these museum presentations of Kandinsky's work for influence and reference of level select of my game. I started off simply looking at the kinds of frames his work has been placed and then moved on to the way his work is shown within the museums. 

Wiggle Test 2 -Cone-

Here is another wiggle test with the jello texture. This time, going on a comment from Phil asking if it would be more difficult using a cone for example, I decided to test this question out. I made this the same way I did the first, using the lattice tool. It was relatively the same difficulty as the first also and worked out rather well.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Wiggle Test

Using the lattice tool on my jello object a have made a small test to remind my self on the lattice tool. I cant say its the best jello wiggle however, It gave me some good experience on how to work it once more, and how effective it can be.

Animatic Update

This animatic update is very much like the animatic before. However, It now has the sounds placed and tweaked to fit. I have also added some small extra bits such as finger swiping and a place holder for the mini map and health system. (i.e when you get damaged, one of the balls next to the mini map disappears, representing a loss in life) There are a couple things still missing such as the little object you pick up as you go to get a score but is now (for me at least) a lot more hole.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Expanding & Exploring - Power Ups - Mini Map ETC

Exploring the design of the character and power up.

Exploring how the power up can be used in play.


Exploring the mini map and where it can be placed. Also looking at the character design and how the objects inside could be the items you pick up.

Combining these ideas into a mini storyboard.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Jello Texture Tests Part 2

Once more exploring the jello, however, this time importing the colour textures from photoshop rather than the block texture from maya. Here is the final outcome I have made. I had a few little mistakes or things I forgot to do along the way but I think it is rather successful.

The Steps 


A simple block out in photoshop the multi colours. Out come is a little dark.


I lightened up the texture with little effect to the object.


Made it even lighter with little effect.

Applied texture to Mib_Volume. Made it a lot lighter but also flat.

Changed Mib_Volume to white with grate effect. Made it a lot light without it going flat (had forgotten about Mib_Volume before hand).


Here I began to blur the texture in photoshop. It had a nice effect as it was no longer solid block colours  and also faded into one another.

Narrowing the object in maya to explore the effect it would have. It made it lighter but I ended up changing it back as it felt to light.

Just like the red test before, I copied and pasted the object and made it smaller inside. I quite like this as it gives volume and a nice effect.

Small New Ideas On Game Play

Im trying to use what I already have with the game play while also trying to add some new ideas to it so its not so straight forward. I have taken into account a few things from the interim a few weeks back now to come up with a new plan. For example :- jello (the texture Im trying to create) and how that could effect game play (bouncing, getting stuck etc) :- Power ups (a possible way to get past the jello) :- and finally the fact this is a game for a smart phone or tablet thus the idea of interaction (not simply tilting the screen).


I have taken 3 scenarios from my animatic to explore how I could add another layer of integration and play.

The top half of image 1 is a take on (near the start of the animatic) a wall of jello. In the animatic it has no input as you simply roll past it. However, I was thinking, if its jello, how do you get past?  Maybe going taking a run up for extra speed to get past or maybe flick the ball to change its shape. For example, making it squash so its more bullet shape thus can penetrate the jello for a short time.

The bottom half is of bouncing. I quite like the idea of the player having to flick or drag the ball or what ever it stands on to get a bounce, The longer you hold the high you go, but if you go to high you can the get stuck on the way down (as shown on the bottom of image 1).


Here I was thinking of a few things, some of which again came from the interim. 

The top half is having a quick look at maybe a new health system (rather than in the ball, its on the top of the screen (old school style) so you can see you 3 health points) and a mini map so you can see your location to the objects you need to gather and its placement.

On the bottom is looking a power up system continuing from image 1.  Very much like how I wanted to show the health system, to show its power up or power down (when it has no power up) the little ball inside will fill up. Another thing I was thinking of was on using the little specs of colour within the painting (which at this moment I have not used) as a way of to obtain the power up bar thus the playing being able to flick the ball to get past the jello for an example.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Jello Texture Tests

To create these I have used and experimented with Dielectric_Material and Volumetric_Materials.
These are far more successful and more jello than my texture tests from before as they have a level of transparency the others did not.

Comparison between the new and old texture tests.

Ambient Occlusion Lighting & Light Decay

Cloudy With A chance Of Meat Balls - Jello Research

Slowly coming back to the land of the minor, I have began to look towards the idea of the jello within my world, both in texture and physical elements (bounce etc).

These three images are looking into the jello texture I have been trying to create with my texture tests. 

I like the first image for the jello cube on the spoon. It has a nice translucency and shine, very much like the last image. I like the middle image due to its cloudy element. These will be used for reference of CG jello in an attempt to better my textures.

I am also looking at the bounce elements the jello gives which possibly can be incorporated into my level design.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Font Examples

Looking for a suitable font for my game.

Texture P2

Adding to the textures here with the one on the end, I have tried to get it away from looking so solid. I am now mixed between the 2nd and last one for the main feel of the texture.

Colour Test For Character

Using block colours based from Merry Structure I have done a little dark to light chart. With this I think the character should be more along the darker side due to I feel it would fade and blur with the background.

Using some earthly colour tones I have played with some patterns. I think to much pattern takes it away from the world, however, number 15 to me looks like has something going on. I still quite like the idea of a dark character but I do like the faded colours blending.

Loading Pages Of Info

Based on the loading screen from my animatic, I have placed little chunks of info about the character and the objects that damage you to explain how things work. These would come up during the loading stages of the game, each time a different bit of info to help the player.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Texture Test P1

With these I was looking at a mix of glass and jello while trying to retaining the intensity of the colour within Merry Structure. I quite like the 2nd and 3rd (from left to right) as they have a nice glossy feel  yet not have an over top shine like the 4th.

New Edit Of The Animatic

Friday, 1 November 2013


Taking and expanding the storyboard to see the play. There are areas to which need looking at and adding such as going the wrong way or making a mistake rather than a straight ahead win scenario, but so far I am liking the run of things.

It seemed a little to fast so I slowed things down slightly and I much prefer the speed now.

Base Storyboard