Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Catapult 13

Just simply adding colour to the catapult we all liked. For a base I think it works quite well however it dues need some work. 

Catapult Designs

Just looking at the catapults design. The group and I decided we all liked no 13 due to its friendly look.

Some More Character Builds

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Character Lesson 4

In the lesson we where taking objects and making them into characters and trying to give them a personality. This was quite fun in the exploratory of the object.

Using the objects i brought in i tried to do the same to make a character. I found this a little harder to do but was still quite interesting to try and pick out a face or characteristic of the object.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Character Build Designs

The Female Villain.

Here Im looking at the female Villain of the story using the sharp shapes that I have learnt from our character lessons. Some have turned out better than others I think but this is all exploratory in regards to the build of the character. I think 1,3,6 are the best ones there and I think the show that it is a female quite well unlike the others.

The Hero.

Here Im looking at the hero and the evil sidekicks build. The hero and the evil sidekick will be quite similar in build. Im not sure why but I found it harder to draw a male build for some reason and it took me a while before I could pose them a little. I personally like 1,6,8. Although they need work I think they are a good base for the hero 1,6 and sidekick for 8 as it looks to me like he's a little up him self and thats the attitude I would like.

Catapult Influences

Just looking at the designs of catapults to make sure I can work out how they work and what parts/ design I will need in the design of our group catapult.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Here are some inventions that I was working on to get the plant in sun light. These have really been made redundant due to a change in ideas but they may still be of use in the new single invention we are after.

Scream (1996) Review

Scream (1996)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Just some quick ideas on inventions. 

Quick Character Sketches

 Just some very quick character sketches trying to work out a posse and to define bad guy from good guy.





Character lesson 3

In this lesson, we were mainly dealing with the basic shapes to make the body of a character with simple lines and shapes. We then took a character a blocked then out using what he had learnt. We would also use this to try and distort the character slightly.


This is the simple way of starting that character to block out lines and shapes to get the character positioned. 


Simple blocking out here which i think worked well as you can see the character clearly.


This was where I tried to distort the character and give him a more muscular look.

We was then told to use this in making a character. I was given a Nazi which was very hard and could have been better if I had some knowledge on the subject.



Even though they do not say Nazi, I found this style of doing things to be very helpful in my drawings.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character Story Idea

Age: 12+

The galaxy is now split into 3 factions, Her Royal Overlord, the Revolutionary Army and the Rebels.

Most of the Galaxy is now under the thumb of the evil overlord and her followers. She no longer allows anyone but herself and her army to use space travel. It is punishable by death to go against her will. She also states that anyone that can use magic must join her and become part of her army in 'purifying' the galaxy of evil. If one hides any magical item or person they are taken away. There are few that would/will stand against her by hiding such items and people from her. These people make up the revolutionary army scattered across the galaxy in the hunt to find the one that can stand against her.

On a desert planet on the edge of space three friends live their lives in relative peace away from the war. (The three friends consist of one girl, ZoĆ« and two guys, Zaron & Dune)

Magic is detected on the desert planet and her Evilness sends her army to retrieve the source of this power but once they are there they are attacked by Rebels that are on the planet. During the fighting the three friends are separated. Zaron is taken by her Evilness army as he was the source of the magic that lead them there. Her Evilness takes a liking to his anger and says that the Rebels have killed Zeo and asks him to take his rightful place at her side in purifying the galaxy of such evil.

Dune is injured during the fighting and remains on the planet. He is saved the some of the remaining Rebels. He believes his friends dead but is told that they still alive and that the overlord has them by the Rebel leader. However he cannot get the images of war from his mind and remembers his past and his promise of never using magic again.

He must now overcome many obstacles and unit the people of the galaxy to stand up against the Overlord if he has any chance to save his friends.

Lip Sync

Monday, 22 October 2012

Character Posses

Trying to get into drawing the characters I thought I would try to see if I can come up with some posses that I could place the character in. Mainly hero or action posses as I do not think the villain will be to hard. Im still unsure what sort of age group I am after but Im heading towards 12+.

Character Lesson 2

In the second lesson of character design we where given characters and were told to change the characters slightly but yet remain easily recognisable as the character. 

Trying to make Tiger into more of a hero that you know will protect you. I think it worked okay after i changed it a little due to the feed back I was given.

I was trying to make Tiger again into a hero (full body)

Here I was trying to make Mr Invincible more cartoony by trying to use simple lines.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Blast Of Maya


Body, Legs and now Arms

Trying to get up to date with maya today and blasted through the arms and the block-o-face face? It has take me most of the day to do these two but now only the feet remain so i count that as a good days work of maya!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Placement Of Inventions

Just simply looking at placement for the inventions.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012





The three very simple ideas so far on how to get the plant in the air. While tidying these up in photoshop it became obvious to me that these could be to simple for what we are after. I was trying to get the simplest idea on how to get the plant in the air but i think it need more details and a little bit more wacky. However, I can work on what we have now to get to what we are after!

Maya Character Build

Lip Sync with added texture

Lip Sync, Simple Bob

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Story Ideas For My Character (Part 2)


Age group: 12+

Theme: War, Tragedy


Bad guy: Darkness

Evil side kick: Zaron

Hero: Ayodhya

War, death and Darkness consume the worlds and galaxies that were once the symbol of piece. Only small pockets of resistance remain in the far-reaching worlds of the galaxy’s and few dear to stand up against the Darkness.

On a small desert planet at the edge of known space, a group of 3 friends, Zaron, Zoe and Ayodhya, whom have lived and grown up together protecting each other from the horrors of war will be torn apart when the war finally consumes there planet. During the fighting 2 of the friends, Zaron and Zoe  are taken by the Darkness leaving the young, up and coming hero Ayodhya alone on the planet. 

The boy must now confront his biggest fears and unite the resistance if he has any hope of finding his friends. In doing so he will under go trials like no other, if he is ever going to under cover and how the Darkness found them and the betrayal of a brother.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Story Ideas For My Character

Age group: Young children 5-10
Theme: Comedy

All the characters go to the same primary school on the desert planet. The Evil bad guy is the school bully and show off. His mother is the ruler of the planet. One day he bullies a small girl, but she is saved by a young boy who has just moved to tat school. He stands up for her and becomes her hero. She follows him and becomes his side kick. Mini battles rage between the two, one fighting to become ruler of the school, one fights for justice.

 Age group: Middle aged children 10-15
 Theme: War, Comedy

The Evil ruler of the galaxy has forbidden all space travel. The people in the galaxy may never leave their planet unless they are called upon to join her army. The hero of the story is looking for a way to reach the stars and is looking for a crew to build a space ship and fly out into the depths of space. While roaming a dump for parts he meets another with the same dream. They team up and build a space ship from the old ruins of the past. The both end up on the path of war and start a revelation to fight for freedom, but at what price?

Age group: 15+
Theme: War, Romance, Comedy

There has been peace between the galaxies for generations due to the rule of the King. Next to take the throne is the prince. However his evil broth plots against him and on the day that his brother should be crooned King his evil plan takes action. He accuses him of killing his father and tries to kill him. While the prices escape he is helped by a young woman who has no idea who he is. To his surprise she hate the empire and wishes to see change for the working people on the plants on the outskirts of the galaxy. She offers to help him in exchange for change. Together they fight back to reclaim the empire and clear his name!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Invention work out

This is a simple working out how the inventions together would to get the plant in the air. I think it works quite well. Just need to place these right and it should work well.

Working out the inventions



Here Im just looking at some of the inventions we could use. Ive tried to make it so they use every day objects. I then went through a chose which ones could work well together.

Quick Work Out Sketches.

This is a really rough guide to what we want (sort of) for the plant to get in the air. It is a chain reaction of inventions that help the plant spread its seeds. With this I found that there was a few small problems that needed addressing.

Character Influences

Just having a look at my two areas I am working with which is Space Opera and Arabian Knights. This simply can be summed up Vader Vs Aladdin. But of course that not really what I am looking to do. It was good to get a solid grasp of what they both mean and could mean to the story and characters.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Simply looking at simple pulley systems, Bouncy boards and other way in which is plant is going to move around.

Mexican Buildings

Just looking at the styles of the buildings to get some ideas.

Character Design

So the Character Unit is finally here! 

 On the day of briefing I picked two cards from the top of the deck of cards which would choose my fate! My lucky fortune gave me the combined mixture of Arabian Knights (Aladdin, Magic etc) and Space Opera (Star Wars etc). This should be quite an interesting unit.

In the lesson we were given some themes to draw from. 

I was given Vampire Nerd and had to come up with some quick ideas for this. 


Trying to remember what a nerd looks like I tried to come up with a few ideas. I was not really hitting a gold mine but was getting the gist of a Vampire and a Nerd by trying to add very typical things a Nerd and a Vampire have.


After a little chat of Nerd Vampires I came up with this. I began to look at the cloak of a Vampire and then trying to Nerd it up a little by making it a very small thing that one could hardly call a cloak/ cape. I made him quite large and as anti-fasion as possible with the trousers that do not fit.
I think this was more of a successful.

After looking at the style of these I was told to draw a Ghostly Viking the 3-5 year olds.


I liked this a lot and found it relatively easy to come up with an idea that worked. It could do with a few tweaks here and there but I like it. The part i found hardest was trying to remember what a Viking had on its head. By that I mean the long hair and the helmet. I tried to think back to the film 'How To Train Your Dragon' and how they where shown in that. Once I remembered that it is easy to decide on the helmet which is very easily recognised as Viking.