Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character Story Idea

Age: 12+

The galaxy is now split into 3 factions, Her Royal Overlord, the Revolutionary Army and the Rebels.

Most of the Galaxy is now under the thumb of the evil overlord and her followers. She no longer allows anyone but herself and her army to use space travel. It is punishable by death to go against her will. She also states that anyone that can use magic must join her and become part of her army in 'purifying' the galaxy of evil. If one hides any magical item or person they are taken away. There are few that would/will stand against her by hiding such items and people from her. These people make up the revolutionary army scattered across the galaxy in the hunt to find the one that can stand against her.

On a desert planet on the edge of space three friends live their lives in relative peace away from the war. (The three friends consist of one girl, Zoë and two guys, Zaron & Dune)

Magic is detected on the desert planet and her Evilness sends her army to retrieve the source of this power but once they are there they are attacked by Rebels that are on the planet. During the fighting the three friends are separated. Zaron is taken by her Evilness army as he was the source of the magic that lead them there. Her Evilness takes a liking to his anger and says that the Rebels have killed Zeo and asks him to take his rightful place at her side in purifying the galaxy of such evil.

Dune is injured during the fighting and remains on the planet. He is saved the some of the remaining Rebels. He believes his friends dead but is told that they still alive and that the overlord has them by the Rebel leader. However he cannot get the images of war from his mind and remembers his past and his promise of never using magic again.

He must now overcome many obstacles and unit the people of the galaxy to stand up against the Overlord if he has any chance to save his friends.

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