Friday, 5 October 2012

Ideas on inventions, layouts and the houses.


This is some ideas on shapes for houses. I was trying to come up with some intesting shape that are a bit querky and fun.


Here are just some quick scetches for how it could grow from one houses to a lot more. I found when doing this that it just seemed to be going back into the distance instead of beiong on top. I think this is due to my perspective and how i have placed the houses. However it has made me aware of how much care will be needed in order to make it look right.




These are more scetches to work out the houses and the lay outs for them. I was also looking at the inventions and ways that are meant to keep the plant in the light. I quite like this idea of mini inventions that are quite old looking incontrast to this futureistic world.

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