Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Story Ideas For My Character (Part 2)


Age group: 12+

Theme: War, Tragedy


Bad guy: Darkness

Evil side kick: Zaron

Hero: Ayodhya

War, death and Darkness consume the worlds and galaxies that were once the symbol of piece. Only small pockets of resistance remain in the far-reaching worlds of the galaxy’s and few dear to stand up against the Darkness.

On a small desert planet at the edge of known space, a group of 3 friends, Zaron, Zoe and Ayodhya, whom have lived and grown up together protecting each other from the horrors of war will be torn apart when the war finally consumes there planet. During the fighting 2 of the friends, Zaron and Zoe  are taken by the Darkness leaving the young, up and coming hero Ayodhya alone on the planet. 

The boy must now confront his biggest fears and unite the resistance if he has any hope of finding his friends. In doing so he will under go trials like no other, if he is ever going to under cover and how the Darkness found them and the betrayal of a brother.

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