Monday, 15 October 2012

Story Ideas For My Character

Age group: Young children 5-10
Theme: Comedy

All the characters go to the same primary school on the desert planet. The Evil bad guy is the school bully and show off. His mother is the ruler of the planet. One day he bullies a small girl, but she is saved by a young boy who has just moved to tat school. He stands up for her and becomes her hero. She follows him and becomes his side kick. Mini battles rage between the two, one fighting to become ruler of the school, one fights for justice.

 Age group: Middle aged children 10-15
 Theme: War, Comedy

The Evil ruler of the galaxy has forbidden all space travel. The people in the galaxy may never leave their planet unless they are called upon to join her army. The hero of the story is looking for a way to reach the stars and is looking for a crew to build a space ship and fly out into the depths of space. While roaming a dump for parts he meets another with the same dream. They team up and build a space ship from the old ruins of the past. The both end up on the path of war and start a revelation to fight for freedom, but at what price?

Age group: 15+
Theme: War, Romance, Comedy

There has been peace between the galaxies for generations due to the rule of the King. Next to take the throne is the prince. However his evil broth plots against him and on the day that his brother should be crooned King his evil plan takes action. He accuses him of killing his father and tries to kill him. While the prices escape he is helped by a young woman who has no idea who he is. To his surprise she hate the empire and wishes to see change for the working people on the plants on the outskirts of the galaxy. She offers to help him in exchange for change. Together they fight back to reclaim the empire and clear his name!

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