Friday, 13 December 2013

Close Up

I decided to have a close up rather (how the shots would acutely be) rather than being zoomed out. This is to see if the plainness of the background takes away from the painting backdrop.

Plain-zoomed out

Player ball in center. It has not texture but I do quite like the white as it may not fit with the span of colour of the art but fits nicely as it does not clash with anything.

I love this shot. Even the colours are not 100% the 2 triangles on the left came out better than expected.

All in all I quite like the plain backdrop and do not feel that it takes away anything from the set. However I might to to explore the backdrop to see what it would look like if I did apply object into the backdrop.

Back Drop

Now that everything has a base texture I begin to look at the backdrop. Originally I was just going to have a colour shaded backdrop to simulate the background of the painting. However, looking at the effect between the colour backdrop and the painting (used for placement and the making) I am unsure, I quite like the clean backdrop as you do not get distracted by the background. I do however, like the painting as it gives so interesting effects to the jello. Maybe having some elements in the backdrop would be a plus but could also be distracting.


Plain colour

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Jello World In Pro

As almost everything now has a base jello texture I thought Id begin to play with the size of the set. Size is quite important to get right as it affects the texture quite a lot (as shown below). Ill be needing to pick the size I wish it to be and work on tweaking the textures to fit.

Base Size (large)
While making the set I worked on a large scale. This large scale makes the texture dark. 

Zoom in 1

Zooming in slowly begins to lighten everything up and creates more transparency. The triangles are a little muddy and dark within this picture.

Zoom in 2

Zooming in even more continues this lightening up but may be a little to much. However, the triangles work quite well in this one. This would just leave the rest of the textures to play with.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Experimenting With Ball And Jello

Here I took a quick render of how it would look in shot. So far even in this early stage it is looking promising and I can slowly picture the world of jello in my mind. However, I was not to keen on the muddy texture (which should be yellow) which is due to the up sized object. This up size has its drawbacks as it shifts the out come of the texture. I also wanted to see what it would look like in the shot of the ball getting stuck. With this in mind I experimented with this.


Ball behind.
(Cant see)

Ball Inside
(Hard to see)

Ball behind

I thinned out the object and it made it A LOT more clear and jello like. 

Ball inside

Build Process

Here is the main part of the set being built, taking reference from both the paint, Merry Structure, and my own animetic.


Blocking Out

Refining  & Placing

Refining  & Placing

Bevel Crazy

This is to create a soft edge as most of the objects shall be made from jello.

Placement In Frame

Monday, 9 December 2013

Mini Map Shot Test

Here I am now applying the mini maps which I believed would work the best to this mock up shot to narrow down which mini map and set of colours fit the best with the world.

I quite like 1although the blue Is horrid, a possible mixture of 2 & 3 with the shape of 5 and 6.I do like the fins from the rest but they seem to pointlessly take up room and does not quite seem to fit with the rest of the shot.


Here it is a little higher than the rest. This is due to me wanting to know, if i decided to stick with the ball in the centre, how much room there is and how big the mini map could be to fit in. 

I am not a fan of the light blue as I do not think it matches with the world. I do however like the black and yellow.


I am a fan of the earthly colours as they do match and fit in with the world.




The green is horrid and is quite alien to the world. I do however like the light orange/brown colour of the ring.


I was unsure if the darker colour would go with the world. The colour seem a little alien to the rest of the shot but there is something that draws me to this one. It does however, stands out from everything else (maybe a little to much)  and I am quite fond of the shape, rather than the fins on the others.

Test Shot (Render Time + Black Texture)

While wiping up a quick shot to answer some questions such as where and how large the mini map can be, I ended up experimenting with the black ground texture. This was primarily to see what looked right with the world but also a small concern over render time. When I first started the rendering it surprised me that it was almost taking 3 minuets (rather than the one to two minuets at uni) to render even though the is very little in this shot. While hunting for a texture I kept note of the render times. In the end I believe the render times are longer due to it being from my lap top rather than the computers at uni which seem to go faster. Something I will have to check later on.

(render time)
Jello Texture

This one sparks my interest the most. It reflectiveness and shine which shows the colour of the backdrop gives it a nice feel. However I am not sure on the ground it self as I am not sure if the ball sits nicely on top, or if it stands out to much.

(render time)

(render time)

I am not so keen on this one as to me its to flat for the world.

(render time)

I applied the same rubber texture of the ball to the ground and spikes which I like to some degree. Its a little grey and can still be made blacker but I do like the solidness of the texture. 


Here I simply lowered the ground to give a little more head room as i left with the others it was a little to high.


Here I have blacked out the rubber texture and it looks very similar to the Blinn. I quite like the darkness compared to the lighter texture above.

Mini Map With Painting

Here I am trying to take the guess work out of the mini map design by placing it next the painting. This is in order to see what colour match and complement and which ones are a little alien and not from the world I am trying to create.

Lot 1

Lot 2

Lot 3

Lot 4

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Maze

Here Im looking at the maze and how I can improve and add a challenge to it. In the beginning I tried to apply some of the challenges from the rest of the game level such as jumping and dangerous objects.

These images are a little confusing so I have tried to sharpen then up a little to explain how it could work.



Using the 3 images from image 2 I have game over and blocked the maze out. The foundation of these mazes are ; The walls are made of jello; The Red circles and arrows represent dangers objects and there movement path; the hash symbol represents a tele teleporter  (how you get out of the maze at the end); the green > is the objective to which you need to obtain.

The final part of this foundation is the most key and that is how you move about. Like the rest of the game you tilt to move but with an added aspect. it is very much up down left and right (maze is static) but this can be shifted when the ball follows a curve. This can change the way you move. So what was once down is now right or left. However this change can only happen on a curve and not a sharp and straight edge.


I have added a light blue line just to show the correct path to take.


Mini Map Update 2

I have selected another design which is similar to before but with a little bit more shape. I have explored some more colour rangers trying to stick with earthly and soft colours. 

I quite like this shape for the mini map as it feels more game like.  From lot 1 i like 2,3 and 5. 2 as its soft and i feel would sit nicely with the game, 3 as it would stand out a little more and 5 for these reasons also.

Lot 1

From lot 2 i like 2,3 and 6 as i like the dark and light colours together and also the earthly colours.

Lot 2

Mini Map Colour Update

From the seleftion I did before, I tried to add some basic colouring to show the health and power bar. This was a quick way to see which ones would work the bets.


From these I picked the first one to explore in more colour. In this first lot I tried some softer and harder to get a vision range of colour. I believe the ones that work the best are 1 and 4.

Lot 1

Going from the light and soft colours I continued down this route to explore this a little more. Having to much softness makes it kind of blurry and hard to see (like no 5) but a mix of hard and soft worked quite nicely. From this lot I like no 1 and 3 as i feel the hard and soft complement each other.

Lot 2

Squash And Stretch Mark 2

Now with extra volume!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mini Map Selection

Here I have taken some of the mini map thumbnails from before and blocked them out to see what they look like. I have experimented with combining a few together also. I like 1, 4 and 5 due to there shape being rather interesting.

Mini Map Explorations

Here Im looking at another way the mini map could work. Rather than an arrow directing you the mini map acts like a sonar. When the object comes into a certain distance it appears as a dot on the mini map.  The player is the still dot in the middle while the objective is the dot getting closer.

Looking to explore the mini map I have come up with a few new designs. 

With these I have tried applieing the health bar to the mini map. The health bar are the shapes surrounding the mini map. I quite like no 7 from this selection.

These have two bars. The circles are the health while the others are the power up bar. I am trying to find a way to condense these bars into one so to take as little of the screen as possible. From these I like no 18 as it feels quite nice and fits my wound with its softness.