Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Maze

Here Im looking at the maze and how I can improve and add a challenge to it. In the beginning I tried to apply some of the challenges from the rest of the game level such as jumping and dangerous objects.

These images are a little confusing so I have tried to sharpen then up a little to explain how it could work.



Using the 3 images from image 2 I have game over and blocked the maze out. The foundation of these mazes are ; The walls are made of jello; The Red circles and arrows represent dangers objects and there movement path; the hash symbol represents a tele teleporter  (how you get out of the maze at the end); the green > is the objective to which you need to obtain.

The final part of this foundation is the most key and that is how you move about. Like the rest of the game you tilt to move but with an added aspect. it is very much up down left and right (maze is static) but this can be shifted when the ball follows a curve. This can change the way you move. So what was once down is now right or left. However this change can only happen on a curve and not a sharp and straight edge.


I have added a light blue line just to show the correct path to take.


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