Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mini Map Explorations

Here Im looking at another way the mini map could work. Rather than an arrow directing you the mini map acts like a sonar. When the object comes into a certain distance it appears as a dot on the mini map.  The player is the still dot in the middle while the objective is the dot getting closer.

Looking to explore the mini map I have come up with a few new designs. 

With these I have tried applieing the health bar to the mini map. The health bar are the shapes surrounding the mini map. I quite like no 7 from this selection.

These have two bars. The circles are the health while the others are the power up bar. I am trying to find a way to condense these bars into one so to take as little of the screen as possible. From these I like no 18 as it feels quite nice and fits my wound with its softness.

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