Monday, 9 December 2013

Mini Map Shot Test

Here I am now applying the mini maps which I believed would work the best to this mock up shot to narrow down which mini map and set of colours fit the best with the world.

I quite like 1although the blue Is horrid, a possible mixture of 2 & 3 with the shape of 5 and 6.I do like the fins from the rest but they seem to pointlessly take up room and does not quite seem to fit with the rest of the shot.


Here it is a little higher than the rest. This is due to me wanting to know, if i decided to stick with the ball in the centre, how much room there is and how big the mini map could be to fit in. 

I am not a fan of the light blue as I do not think it matches with the world. I do however like the black and yellow.


I am a fan of the earthly colours as they do match and fit in with the world.




The green is horrid and is quite alien to the world. I do however like the light orange/brown colour of the ring.


I was unsure if the darker colour would go with the world. The colour seem a little alien to the rest of the shot but there is something that draws me to this one. It does however, stands out from everything else (maybe a little to much)  and I am quite fond of the shape, rather than the fins on the others.

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