Thursday, 12 December 2013

Jello World In Pro

As almost everything now has a base jello texture I thought Id begin to play with the size of the set. Size is quite important to get right as it affects the texture quite a lot (as shown below). Ill be needing to pick the size I wish it to be and work on tweaking the textures to fit.

Base Size (large)
While making the set I worked on a large scale. This large scale makes the texture dark. 

Zoom in 1

Zooming in slowly begins to lighten everything up and creates more transparency. The triangles are a little muddy and dark within this picture.

Zoom in 2

Zooming in even more continues this lightening up but may be a little to much. However, the triangles work quite well in this one. This would just leave the rest of the textures to play with.

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