Monday, 31 December 2012

Villain & Sidekick Colour Test

With these I really wanted a purply colour for my villain as it to me is both villainy and feminine. I like 6,11 & 12 As I think there colour match the best.


With the sidekick I was really trying to use the colour of the villain to connect the two. I like 4,8 & 12.


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hero Colour Tests

Quite enjoyed doing these. Quite de-stressing. I do not think I have yet found the right colours here for my hero, but they have opened the door to colour and its interesting out comes. I will be looking at the colour for my villain next as that may help push my hero forward in the colour design.  

I like 1,5 & 11m although they are not grate, I think I may come back to those ones and take another shot at once the villain colour appear.

Character Fixing

Here I tried to fix the errors pointed out by Nat and Justin. I also brought back the more detailed shoulder pad from before and had a look at the chest/waist to try and define it a little more. (one on left is purely fixing what I had to start with) I like the base and no 3 my self.

Okay head sizes, I've enlarged the sidekicks head and descresed the size in the villains. Ive also tried to add more curve into her hips (not sure if noticeable) Note on the sidekick though, I have not changed his stance as you surgested Justin as I wanted to ask you something before hand,which i left in the comments but will put below this image.

{Just thinking while I've been drawing stick men to try and get a thuggish pose, I kind of wanted to have this guy to believe he is the hero, to believe he is fighting for justice due to his back story of being brain washed into thinking they are cleaning and getting off of the darkness in a galaxy act. So wouldn't a thuggish pose go against that? Not sure what your thoughts are on that so would be most interested in your idea on that.}

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Maya Head-Problem Solved

Just re did the clusters and sculpting head and hooked it all up and when I put it to 1nothing BAD happened! So, it may have been a day purely fixing but it was a good days work me thinks. Ill just have to be extra careful when dealing with the teeth and tongue as I believe thats where the problem came from.

@ Alan Head Fully Re-Skinned

Ah after 4 attempts of anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong, I have finally finished skinning this baby and am now a master at skinning heads. 

After I deleted the history I look at the vertexes and around the mouth and throat they where destroyed, bits here, there and everywhere. I still have no idea how this came to be but its fixed and now hopefully will work!

This is the @ Alan part; 

Now that Ive remodelled the head a little to fix the problems will I have to re do the clusters for the blend shapes or can I use the sculpting head I crated before I fixed the problems to do the blend shapes?   Or would that make more problems? I do not mind either way, just so I know for future reference. Thanks.

Problems With Maya

 As always maya was running to smoothly for to long and decided to be a child and have hissy fit at me. After I stated the blend shapes I discovered a small problem, the same problem I had when I did the character for our project. However what is interesting is, is that unlike before I had deleted the history for the head before hand (unlike last time) and all the rotates ect were all on 0 so It was not the same as before.

I checked inside the mouth and i found this (image below). I can only imaging that i some how moved a vertex or something while placing that teeth or tongue. So I, unlike last time, am re-skinning the head. Going to be fun.

All CTRL's Made & Finished



Friday, 28 December 2012

Villain Changes

Okay done really really small changes here so not sure if its enough or not. Just moved the chest plate up and defined the breast some more.

On the left is the before on the right is the after. As you can see not a lot has changed.

Fixing The Hero

I didn't really change much here. I tried taking off the shoulder pads and altering a few things but in the end i didn't like a massive change so I went with no 4 as I think he looks the most interesting. The face however needs some work, eyes etc as I kept on trying different things but always look iffy.

I then went onto making these as I wanted to see what the character would look like with and with out the cape as it is meant to be removable. I think he looks good with out the cape/cloak but I think looks better with.

Scale Chart

Heres the scale chart to get an idea on sizes and roles (hopefully). I quite like the scale size but any and all comments are welcome. 

All Three Characters

(These are not size charts)

Here is my villain and her sidekick. I think you can see resemblance of the two? Or at least I hope you can.  I tried to have similar traits which I believe has worked.

Villain & Sidekick

Here are all three characters together to show the differences and similarities of them. Im hoping with this you can tell which is the hero, villain and sidekick with out the knowledge which is which?
I at least, think they work and am quite happy with them. Although any and all comments are welcome to help push these more than I personally know how :) So please comment away.

Villain, Hero & Sidekick

Sidekick Being Finalised

The ones on the left are what lead me to my character. I kept on trying to link the Villain and Sidekick together so that they match so have the villain already done was pretty good.

Im quite happy with my sidekick though any changes will probably be small ones from any of your comments. But for now this is my sidekick :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hero Being Finalised

Again these are all working from the one on the left as that so far has been the one I've liked most. I found the hero to be the most annoying out of the lot and im still not a 100% on him. Id love some feed back from you guys to fully resolve this character.

So as for now this is my hero, of course there will probably some small changes to him from your feed back :)

Villain Being Finalised.

Here I was going on the two characters on the left. They are the two that I liked from before and wanted to try and keep elements from them when trying to finalise her.

I quite liked a few of these and kept trying to both add and take things away to see what worked with what, which lead me to the last one. no, 9 which is the one I like best.

So for now this is my villain, any changes will most probberly be very small ones from any feed back I get from you guys :) ow and Phil, I hope you like the shoes more now? 

Teeth & Tunge Added

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

More Villain Development @ Justin

Still sticking with the same pose Ive tried to work on what I had before into something better. I feel that this has improved her a lot and am loving no 10&7.


Some More Sidekick & Hero Development. @ Justin

Im slowly finding my way through this and have finally found some characters that I like!

With the sidekick & hero I found a character sort of worked for me and them worked on that one.
With the sidekick I quite like 8, 10, 12 as they for me look quite interesting. They have the hole army thing going on while still feeling a little ... sleazy. 


For the Hero I quite like 4, 7, 10 as they feel like they could be found in a desert which is where he is meant to be from. I really like 10 but worry its to much? while 4 i like but its just the dead basic version of 7 & 10.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Legs and Feet Finished

Feet and legs are done!

Villain Development (comments are very much welcome)

I changed the pose a little from my blocked line up from before as it wasn't saying villain to me. I moved her around and made her look down as f looking down at you. I quite like the pose it self now. In this lot i liked 1,2,4. I experimented with those 3 on the bottom layer. 1 i do not think will work however due to it not being very villain while 2,4  for me seem the most villainy. They need some work i think, more sharp lines maybe but yes, much happier now she is on the move!

Some Costume Influences

Just looking at armour and free flowing cloths. I would like to mix the two together to get some nice free flow with the armour.

Skinning Tests

Hero Weapon 3

Ive taken one of the weapons from before and worked on it. I like these and feel they suite the genre more. I personally like 1,6 as i feel they would work more than the others.

Sidekick Weapon Shapes

As I want my sidekick to my a commander of a unit and him being someone who just shouts commands as he is cowered and cheats in fight I  thought a pistol would suite him quite well. As knife and pistols to me seem to be the weapons for those whom cheat in fights.

I like 2,5,7 due to a few reasons. 2 as it seems the most gun like one out of them, 5 as it seems a little spacey and 7 due to the handle.

Hero Weapon Shapes 2

I personally like no 4,5 for two different reasons. I like 4 as it to me says more arabian knights more than any other so far even if it would be a little harder to have the gun designed into it. Also it to me looks light which is good due to my character not being massively strong, being more of a soldier of speed. I like 5 due to it being heavier. I have see it as a gun and i can see it being a sword to. Can see that on the back of my character. I also like it as its the one that says space opera to me as well as i can see it being a high tech weapon.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hero Weapon Shapes

Here Im looking into the weapon my hero uses. What Im aiming for is a sword that has a gun merged into the mix. I personally like 3, 5 as I think they look the best merged as I personally think it would be easy to define the gun component from the sword. 

Sidekick Development

Here Im looking into my sidekick. I kind of know the kind of out come I want with him but it still needs some work. Im not keen on making him overly armoured as I don't want him to be a fighter, I want him to be more cowardly but gives others comands.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Hero Development

Here Ive been looking into my hero a little more playing with the cloths and also a small look at his face and hair.

Blocked Line Up

Here is how my characters are looking at the moment. Im not sure about the pose for the villain, thus I have two for her. The sidekick I am happy with even though it needs work it will mainly be cloths etc for him. The hero I like as well though something feels wrong with its pose and Im not sure what it is?

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hero & Villain Development

Here Im looking at my hero and villain a little more. What my real aim here was to get a pose which goes with my characters to which I can then take to photoshop.  I believe I have now found those posses   for these characters though the need a little tweaking for example the proportions of the villain and to turn my hero around so he's more like the posse in the bottom left. 

Even though these do not have much details I now have my characters figured out so the only way is up now.



Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Here is the skeleton of the character.



Basic Coloured Character

Even these are dead basic colour and could have easily been done with a lambert, I did painted these in photoshop. This was to practice texturing as I never did any texturing in the last unit.

My guy in colour!