Monday, 17 December 2012

Evil Sidekick Development

Here I was looking at the evil sidekick. I backed away from my early workings of the massive build for him to go with a more soldier kind of look. I went into looking at old Jap army uniforms for inspirations. The image on the far left, I very much liked that pose, although it is a little to hero like (may be able to re use for the hero himself!) it came out well. I also quite like the weapon I came up with and again is a little to hero for him but its all going in the right direction. The guy in the middle is the best sidekick there due to him being scrawny and having his face covered.

Here was my simply play around moment. On the left I simply wanted to see what it would look like more cartoony and on the right I just put loads of bits on him even if they didn't fit together to see what the out come would be.


Here Is my sidekick how he is at the moment. (the guns I'm not so sure of!) Ive again looked at covering part of his face and the hole army uniform with a little bit of samurai armer put into the mix. It may need a little 'spacing out' but I'm trying not to go so far as to get a storm trouper  here. 


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