Monday, 31 December 2012

Villain & Sidekick Colour Test

With these I really wanted a purply colour for my villain as it to me is both villainy and feminine. I like 6,11 & 12 As I think there colour match the best.


With the sidekick I was really trying to use the colour of the villain to connect the two. I like 4,8 & 12.



  1. Hey, you need tone so your colours can work nicely, like some shadows over the bodies and costumes to depict the ambient occlusion of items to the body parts etc. for example some shadow behind the head of the villain onto her hood. Makes them seem less flat so the colours aren't compromised

    1. Yes I agree however, with these I was just trying to block them out so it would give me an idea on where to go on from here. I did start adding tones to the end of the villain but stopped due to me wanting to get my ideas out before I lost them. There are a few here in these two which im going to push forward and add tone and light to.

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  3. For the sidekick, I really like 8. For the villain colours, my favourite is 12, but its very similar to the sidekick .They need to compliment each other, but I think there needs to be more contrast. Perhaps try something more blue/purple for the Villain (which would also be a little more feline). Also I think you need more contrast on the villains hair- perhaps white or light blonde. Did you get my sketch at the weekend regarding her anatomy?

    1. Hey Justin,

      Thanks for your comments as always!

      I must admit I'm surprised anyone but me likes no 8. thought it may have been to purple for a male. A surprise but a pleasant surprise. Ill try adding blues to the villain as I really want to keep the purple ( I have a thing for purple on villains, just lovely) and to be honest I had no idea what would complement it nice so thank you for that. I shall see what happens.

      Regard the emil, I have checked my myuca email and there is nothing there. Nor on any of my personal ones either. Do not know whats happened there. I have even checked junk and there is nothing.

      Also on another note Im working on trying to make my sidekick more thuggish, just to mention that as I do not want you to think I've been ignoring your advise at all, just wanted to get the colours sorted before I look back to change him.

      Thanks for your helpful comments, they are, and always will be very much welcome here :)

      have a nice day.