Friday, 28 December 2012

All Three Characters

(These are not size charts)

Here is my villain and her sidekick. I think you can see resemblance of the two? Or at least I hope you can.  I tried to have similar traits which I believe has worked.

Villain & Sidekick

Here are all three characters together to show the differences and similarities of them. Im hoping with this you can tell which is the hero, villain and sidekick with out the knowledge which is which?
I at least, think they work and am quite happy with them. Although any and all comments are welcome to help push these more than I personally know how :) So please comment away.

Villain, Hero & Sidekick


  1. Why does the villain's face look like you?? ;)

  2. They're all very samey.... is this a scale chart?

  3. Ohhhhhh.... I didn't know the villain was female, I was just looking at the pictures.... it was only when I read the writing afterwards I knew he was a she

    1. Yay Comments! Thank you!

      Okay first off, any similarities to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental. ( Really you think it looks like me? Really?.....)

      And no I do not have a scale chart quite yet as when I put these up I pretty much asleep but I will put one up in a second. And your right there are quite similar... I had wanted my villain and sidekick to be so I do not mind them but my hero, I had wanted to still get the Arabian Knights feel into him like the others. Hhhhmmmm Maybe its the cape? and the armour parts as they do all have the same armour parts more or less. Well the cape and hood comes off either way so maybe I should put an extra drawing up of him with and with out and Ill have a think on the armour again, so thanks for pointing that out :)

      I think your the first to not get the villain is a female, Tom got it right off the bat in a post before so maybe ive lost something since then? So if you have time please go back and take a look at them would you? It could also be that they are not scaled as you said but it could be her pose? I did try to put breast plates in, which you can see when you klick on the image to enlarge? Do not know if you did that or not. But yes I thinkg It could be the pose the maybe not curvy enough?

      Anyways thanks for your comments ill crack on with that now so please keep and eye on my blog so you can see the chart and any changes that may come :)

      Have a nice day now.

    2. Mike... It's me... not a stranger

    3. Sorry but I do not understand, did I say something wrong?