Sunday, 30 December 2012

Character Fixing

Here I tried to fix the errors pointed out by Nat and Justin. I also brought back the more detailed shoulder pad from before and had a look at the chest/waist to try and define it a little more. (one on left is purely fixing what I had to start with) I like the base and no 3 my self.

Okay head sizes, I've enlarged the sidekicks head and descresed the size in the villains. Ive also tried to add more curve into her hips (not sure if noticeable) Note on the sidekick though, I have not changed his stance as you surgested Justin as I wanted to ask you something before hand,which i left in the comments but will put below this image.

{Just thinking while I've been drawing stick men to try and get a thuggish pose, I kind of wanted to have this guy to believe he is the hero, to believe he is fighting for justice due to his back story of being brain washed into thinking they are cleaning and getting off of the darkness in a galaxy act. So wouldn't a thuggish pose go against that? Not sure what your thoughts are on that so would be most interested in your idea on that.}

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