Monday, 17 December 2012

Hero Development

Here Im really trying to work out my what my heroes power will look like. The power it self is a magic of shadows. He him self can blend with the shadows but I'm working on how far to or not to push this power. I like the idea of maybe it turns into a weapon? Or if he becomes enraged his shadow takes form to attack.


After a talk with Justin I began to look at how to play more with the shadows. Justin said that before the shadows seemed evil due to them being sharp so I went to look how to make them less so. In one way I made them look a little more cartoony by making them more simply lined. I do like this though I do like the older, more evil looking ones. (though It prob doesn't fit with the character)


Here again I looked at how to work on the shadow power.



Here is how my hero is at the moment. Although he him self is unrefined (clothing, face, etc) Im beginning to understand him as a character and how maybe he should look instead of guessing. I stole the pose from the sidekick as well as the weapon due to the fact i think it fits with the hero and his power more.

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