Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sidekick Weapon Shapes

As I want my sidekick to my a commander of a unit and him being someone who just shouts commands as he is cowered and cheats in fight I  thought a pistol would suite him quite well. As knife and pistols to me seem to be the weapons for those whom cheat in fights.

I like 2,5,7 due to a few reasons. 2 as it seems the most gun like one out of them, 5 as it seems a little spacey and 7 due to the handle.


  1. I like 2 a lot, but I do like the curved shape of 4- it feels more sneaky and villainous.

    1. Yes I must say I like 2 a fair amount. I will try to make a combination of both to get the sneaky, villainous feel with the shape of 2.

      Thanks for your comments

      Have a nice day