Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hero Being Finalised

Again these are all working from the one on the left as that so far has been the one I've liked most. I found the hero to be the most annoying out of the lot and im still not a 100% on him. Id love some feed back from you guys to fully resolve this character.

So as for now this is my hero, of course there will probably some small changes to him from your feed back :)


  1. I think he is coming on strong. The body language for your hero is the best out of all three characters- I think its very clear what role he is.
    I actually like the more detailed shoulder plates from the earlier drawing. Watch his right foot here as it looks too thin and spindly.

    1. Interesting about the shoulder pads, I was worried it would make him seem to strong ? Ill take another look at the shoulder pads from the ones before to see what I can bring back from them.

      And yes, the foot... I will definitely change it as it looks horrid.

      Thanks for your comments

      Have a nice day