Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Beginning Build

Here I am beginning to keep track of the processes involved with making my abstract set starting with the two main senter triangular pieces. 

So far the textures is looking a little glass like due to the somewhat solid colour rather than the misty colour to get the jello feel. However its feeling a lot better than the first lot of outcomes. A little more work into the texture, making it feel more misty and it should be there.

 The Process 


I start off with the basic shape and begin to build it up following the out line. I then place a UV texture map so I can make sure the textures would fit onto the object nicely.

Both objects UVed


Here I placed a template texture (shown below) onto the objects to start to mold them into the jello texture. However, it became quite flat and solid.


Making the texture more lighter I had hoped to allow the texture to jellify but with no success. It still had no shine or transparency.

As the jello texture is quite temperamental and does not work if the object is to thin or too thick I experimented with changing the thickness of the object. The outcome was not according to plan. It became light or dark (which ever way i went) but still had no highlights or transparency.

I looked back to the Jello test from before and looked at the way I had modeled the objects. The old jello texture which did work, I found to be a lot more rounded unlike the sharpness the objects have.

I put a block colour onto the objects while making the objects more rounded and softer to see if this change works. To start with it had no effect.

I then applied an older jello texture onto the objects with a good out come. I then looked into the textures to see the difference to understand why it had not worked before with the other textures. It came to my attention that one setting was different from the rest: The Phong_Coefficient setting was set to 200 while the others were set to 0.


Changing these setting and applying new textures it came out a little hard still but with the highlights and semi transparency (in places). 

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