Sunday, 28 October 2012

Character Build Designs

The Female Villain.

Here Im looking at the female Villain of the story using the sharp shapes that I have learnt from our character lessons. Some have turned out better than others I think but this is all exploratory in regards to the build of the character. I think 1,3,6 are the best ones there and I think the show that it is a female quite well unlike the others.

The Hero.

Here Im looking at the hero and the evil sidekicks build. The hero and the evil sidekick will be quite similar in build. Im not sure why but I found it harder to draw a male build for some reason and it took me a while before I could pose them a little. I personally like 1,6,8. Although they need work I think they are a good base for the hero 1,6 and sidekick for 8 as it looks to me like he's a little up him self and thats the attitude I would like.

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