Sunday, 24 November 2013

Jello Texture Tests Part 2

Once more exploring the jello, however, this time importing the colour textures from photoshop rather than the block texture from maya. Here is the final outcome I have made. I had a few little mistakes or things I forgot to do along the way but I think it is rather successful.

The Steps 


A simple block out in photoshop the multi colours. Out come is a little dark.


I lightened up the texture with little effect to the object.


Made it even lighter with little effect.

Applied texture to Mib_Volume. Made it a lot lighter but also flat.

Changed Mib_Volume to white with grate effect. Made it a lot light without it going flat (had forgotten about Mib_Volume before hand).


Here I began to blur the texture in photoshop. It had a nice effect as it was no longer solid block colours  and also faded into one another.

Narrowing the object in maya to explore the effect it would have. It made it lighter but I ended up changing it back as it felt to light.

Just like the red test before, I copied and pasted the object and made it smaller inside. I quite like this as it gives volume and a nice effect.