Sunday, 24 November 2013

Small New Ideas On Game Play

Im trying to use what I already have with the game play while also trying to add some new ideas to it so its not so straight forward. I have taken into account a few things from the interim a few weeks back now to come up with a new plan. For example :- jello (the texture Im trying to create) and how that could effect game play (bouncing, getting stuck etc) :- Power ups (a possible way to get past the jello) :- and finally the fact this is a game for a smart phone or tablet thus the idea of interaction (not simply tilting the screen).


I have taken 3 scenarios from my animatic to explore how I could add another layer of integration and play.

The top half of image 1 is a take on (near the start of the animatic) a wall of jello. In the animatic it has no input as you simply roll past it. However, I was thinking, if its jello, how do you get past?  Maybe going taking a run up for extra speed to get past or maybe flick the ball to change its shape. For example, making it squash so its more bullet shape thus can penetrate the jello for a short time.

The bottom half is of bouncing. I quite like the idea of the player having to flick or drag the ball or what ever it stands on to get a bounce, The longer you hold the high you go, but if you go to high you can the get stuck on the way down (as shown on the bottom of image 1).


Here I was thinking of a few things, some of which again came from the interim. 

The top half is having a quick look at maybe a new health system (rather than in the ball, its on the top of the screen (old school style) so you can see you 3 health points) and a mini map so you can see your location to the objects you need to gather and its placement.

On the bottom is looking a power up system continuing from image 1.  Very much like how I wanted to show the health system, to show its power up or power down (when it has no power up) the little ball inside will fill up. Another thing I was thinking of was on using the little specs of colour within the painting (which at this moment I have not used) as a way of to obtain the power up bar thus the playing being able to flick the ball to get past the jello for an example.

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