Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ball Texture Tests

The last big question to be answered about my project is the character or better yet, the texture of the character. I attempted to build the playable ball from the jello texture to which the world shall be built. This however was not very successful. I did like the middle top (the black with the white ball inside)  and the one to its right but bar that I think that jello on jello, it would fail to stand out.

I then began to look at hard object such as (in order right to left) Matte_Finish, Rubber, 50% Rubber/50% Matte, Matte_Plastic and Pearl texture. I quite like these hard textures so I put the jello in the background to really grasp if it would go together. I quite like the matte and rubber (the first two on the left) as they, to me, stand out but fit nicely. 

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