Sunday, 25 November 2012

Building A Hero

Here I was trying to get a pose working for me. I Think I found a pose that worked but, however My drawing skills let me down.  1,2 and 3 were working out the pose, trying out the same build but with slight differences. I Liked no 3 so I moved on to blocking it out which went very very wrong and I could not work out why. I Then decided to draw him an outline which I thought went well. I then decided to block him out again but adding light to it to see If I could work out where I was going wrong.

I believe that the main reason it was going wrong for me is that the image is a little out of proportion.
Even though these have yet to be the template from which I will build the character I think I have found my pose If I can just work out the small details.


  1. Hey, I like the centre of gravity here :)

  2. It's quite uncanny how much the pose is similar to mine!! :D Lol