Saturday, 17 November 2012

Character silhouettes

Here I've blocked out the characters and have chosen a few too work on for each character.


For the female villain i have chosen 1,5,6 to work on as I feel they have the most potential due to there posture. I feel i could get a mean overlord out of them.



For the sidekick i have chosen 2,3 as they, to me at least, feel somewhat dumb. They are a little boring but thats what I want for my evil sidekick.



I do not feel my hero has come out too well is these and need some work done. However I feel a mix of 2,3 could work though I will properly need someone to model for me to get the right pose I was actually after. What Im actually going for is a kind of badass hero, one that is a little dark so Im after a power pose yet one that can be tweaked to get a mean look as well. I feel no 2,3 came out better in the simple line drawing and will be going back and relooking at them.


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