Monday, 12 November 2012

Character Face's

Here Im looking more into the head of the character. These are mainly looking at hair styles and shapes that I could use.



I a few of these for my villain; 1,3,8,12, due to the feel and shape of them. I also liked; 4,7, for my hero as they have the more tatty look to them. For my evil side kick I liked; 10,13,14, due to it being more stylised and pointy.

I them tried to add more details to the face which went slightly wrong as the eyes on 2,3 are way too small. I think this is due to me drawing them after the hair in stead of before.


I then decided to look more into the eyes and mouth of the characters due to my struggle to grasp these properly.



I quite liked these, even though they are somewhat anime styled they are the level of detail I would like to use.

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