Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mr Hero

Here Im looking at my hero. I think I made a mistake In the posture and feel I need some help with this as Im finding it rather hard to get a good hero pose. I feel the pose I have is holding it character back and what I can do with it.

Even so I like no 5,6 due to they, I feel have something working for them.  Im not quite sure what it is but I think in a better pose it could work better.



  1. no 5 - great outline, especially trousers and weapon. I like the bulky arm of no 3.
    Having said that, Justin suggests that heros tend to be symetrical and villains asymetrical, so perhaps the one bulky arm isn't right for the hero?
    I think he needs a bit more chest and weight to his posture - hes got it in 1 and 3, but seems to lose it when hes got clothes.
    Hope this helps - we can look at it properly at uni.

    1. Yeh I think the hero is quite boreing at the momment. What I need to work on I think is the pose, as I argee, no 1 is the better pose yet I do not know how I lost it? Ill be asking Justin about that tuesday :)