Friday, 25 October 2013

Game Concept 01

Title : Merry Structure

Objectives : 
  • Complete the art music gallery (menu)
  • Bring the sound and colour back into the art by interacting with parts of the set.
  • Once music has been brought back into the art to give it new life, collect the next piece of art to unlock the next level.
Movement :
  • Using the tablet, tilt the screen to move the character in the direction it is tilted. The characters movement will make theme tune according to the movement.
  • Movement may be reversed or interrupted by intractable objects.
Interaction :
  • 'Blue' objects are positive. they help you explore new areas and collect the missing power-up parts.
  • 'Green' objects are negative. They will interrupt the play and have three random outcomes, sent back to last checkpoint, send you to another location, change the weight of the character.
  • Collecting the 'Red' power-up parts will power up parts of the world and enable the player to obtain the next painting.

Using Merry Structure I have broken the art down to form a course in which he player will have to work through.  I have broken it down into 4 stages of play and marked the routes with arrows.

All Stages Together 

Stage 1:  The stairs are the fist challenge. The player has to time his slide correctly down the slope to the hole to miss the 'green' segment. The player continues to avoid the green segments and using the sucker and blower (the blue triangles) collect the first piece to the power.

Stage 1 end: upon collection of the first piece, the first hatch opens.

Stage 2: Also upon collection of the power a new part comes into play. The gravity shifter will suck up the player and pop him out with a shift in gravity.

Stage 2.5: With the shift in gravity, the level will rotate  to the new gravity. Upon reach of the blue ball the player may control the ball by either sitting on it, to which will make the ball slowly fall or jumping on it, which will make it move to its destination. The player must use this rise and fall in order to avoid the green ball which will also be in motion.

Stage 2 end: Once you have collect the item the second latch will open.

Stage 3: With the last 2nd power part collected, upon entering the gravity shifter you will be sent into the maze in order to reach the last piece. Once you have the last piece the player will be sent to the gravity shifter.

Stage 3 end: Once all pieces are completed the last hatch will open.

Stage 4: The player has the final challenge of chilling the wall up to capture the next painting. This will unlock the next level.


  1. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your email :) I'm pleased you're getting to grips with your concept - and enjoying yourself! It's still a bit difficult to follow all of the gameplay as described in your email and in the above diagrams, but I think that's simply because everything is static. Perhaps you need to think about creating an 'animatic' for game-play - just to make everything very clear? The idea of you zooming into the world (and thus 'cropping' the artwork) isn't a problem at all; it will make things more dynamic. If in terms of your modelling and texturing you're able to really appropriate the look and feel of the original painting, that will be enough of a link, won't it? I suggest you consider putting together an animatic of game-play - complete with your proposed sound idea; you probably need to think about designing an interface too right? Something that show's points or health or whatever - and that interface needs to be derived from the language of the paintings too...

    1. With the sound, I am unsure on how to follow through with that, I do not mean how to apply it but how to make it. I tried out Garage Band quite unsuccessful. So should I look for someone to make me these sounds? Sounds silly but I am unsure on this part.