Friday, 11 October 2013

Update Time!

Sorry for not having much in the way of visuals being posted this week however, this week has been quite written based one. So I thought Id do a little update post of the thought processes I'm going through with my minor project.

So I've been very much thinking about what the game is, what it will entail, what its made of and where it is set. The basics really. So I've broken this up into a few sections to which I have noted idea's down in order to seek out the ones that best fit the world I am creating.

Where is this world?

The basic out line is from abstract art from a ranger of artists so going off of this concept, it could simply stay that way.

An idea coming off of this is to have it in a gallery thus when one piece is down you jump to the next painting going on the idea the paintings connect some how, maybe on the same wall? This could also lead the way for how the ''app'' works. How you select the level you play, a flick of the finger to move along etc.

A different idea or maybe an idea that could link is that its an alien world called ''Abstractainen'' where everything is made up of different things such as jelly. I think is could still link to the above as its more of what its made up of as well as where, thus a jelly world in side an abstract make sense to me in an abstract way. This could lead it to being made up of all sorts of things.

World of Jelly!?

How the game works?

So far the tests have simply been to move the ball from the start, 'a' to the end 'b'. This has also touched on certain objects behaving in different ways weather it be to turn the world up side down by playing with gravity or to simply move left to right.

What I'm also thinking is to add a couple more levels to this, both expanding the effects of the certain items such as pushing the ball high or forcing it down due to the 'wind'. Also by maybe having items to collect along the way for maybe a score or in order to fix some sort of problem along the way. This could entail maybe having a part from another bit of an abstract in the wrong one. This could be so that you have to find and collect to bring back to the right one?


As to why I would have the object behavior is to add challenges to the game which can expand the game as to how its being played and to also make the most out of the idea of abstract.

The collection of points could be used to and crate objectives during the levels.

Same goes for the 'missing pieces'. This could be something that allows you to complete a level further ahead of maybe save the art world and restore the worlds of abstract.

The end?

So what I'm thinking for the end is a demo of the app game, maybe 2 levels to show some of these ideas being implemented.

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