Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Music And Game Combined

Going on the theme of music possibly in my game interacting with movement or game play I have come up with three possible outlets to form and shape this theme.

1:When the character moves by shifting the tablet around, a theme tune follows the character in the movements that he makes.

A really good example of this is from a game recommended by Steven, Chibi Robo.

The theme tune for the movement would come from the music by Schoenberg from the post before (click here) while listen to the music for a while I quite liked the beat from min 7,9,13 and 15 which could be broken down and work.

2:You Are the controller, your voice controls the character. Speaking or sounding out things such as boo boo boo or bop bop bop will make the character move forward or backwards.

3: There is no sound is the world or from your movements. You have to interact with the world to make sound and bring colour and life back into the paintings. 

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