Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Possible Workings Of The Game

While beginning to play with sounds I have come up with a primitive set of rules for my game to which to play off of and change as I go. This is to begin to refine the world in my mind and begin translating that.

Primary objective: To bring life (colour) back to all of the pieces of art 

Secondary objective: Collect small objects for points

Playing the game: Player one enters the art space to find it rendered dull and soundless. Using sound to move the character the player will work through the level. Player one will encounter items and pieces of the art to interact with to bring back sounds to the world and bring back the colour. Beware, not everything player one interacts with will help and may change your 'colour' and change your ability to roam free.

These are only basic at the moment but shall help me refine the game play and help it progress.

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