Friday, 31 January 2014

Children's Psychology Research

While roaming the world for children educational games for some market research, I was guided towards the book From Birth To Five Years: Children's Developmental Progress.  

Although I am still unsure on the age I intend to use as my target for my game concept, this books has come in handy and has some good information about a child's development. This has helped the understanding on what a child is capable of understanding and doing at certain ages. 

(Some of the information I have noted:)

-(Motor Skills)

Age 2-7 :  Maturing functional movements such as running, jumping, catching, throwing, writing etc

:  Improving rhythm, sequence, integration and flow to achieve efficient, co-ordinated and controlled performance in day to day activities.

- Development For Motor Skills:

:  Give simple step-by-step instructions for the task

:  Set up a variety of activities

:  Allow time for practice.



(Social Behaviors And Play)

Age 3-5 :  Breadth of interest  in social world

:  Asking 'why' questions

:  Growing understanding of rules

:  Increasing understanding of the links between peoples mental state and actions

These stages are closely tied to cognitive, social and symbolic development. At 4 years, he/she may be investigating bugs under stones in the garden.


(Age 4: Narrative play)

:  Use of miniature

:  Creation of conventional and fantasy scenarios

(Age 5)

Bargaining, compromise and reconciliation


I have picked out these snippets of information out, as to help me in the frame work of the game concept. Although I may rise the age for the game itself, it is good to know what the child would be cable of before hand which may help in designing how the game works.

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