Monday, 6 January 2014


Im looking at font types to try and get the right one that fits smoothly with my world. The ideas I had in my head while searching for fonts were two types of font, one being a little more elegent while the other being a little more cartoony. By cartoony I mean like no 9) being a little more child like rather than to smart like no 2). 

Im not to highly fond of the 'posh' looking font of no2, a bit to fiddly, but I do like no 3 although its a little to 'coca cola',  so on that front, to curly is a little to far from my world. I like the curves of 4 through to 7 but so far no 9 stands out to me more of what I had in my head.

Any help on this, view etc would be welcome.

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