Monday, 27 January 2014

Ideas For The Major Project

For the major project I was thinking of doing something for young kids; a game, character, toy or something along those lines. I have been trying to think of some ideas around this concept and came up with 3 possible areas to explore for an education game; Math (basic numbers), ABC, and colours.

With it being for young kids, namely around the age of pre-school and year R, I will have to make the game very simple, easy to play and  easy to understand.

I have had  an idea in mind but am not sure how it would be used or evolved as of yet:

The set is made up of large cubes which can be moved and turned 90 degrees in any direction. The player uses the character to answer questions or follow a path working there way through this cube set, moving the correct cubes to get to the end.

For some child friendly influence I have looked at a few TV programs, Games and toys to get some ideas around characters, colours etc

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