Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting Kids Outdoors:-Medway Matters

(Image not accurately from article)

In Medway Matters, an article came to my attention about Halling Primary school. Article titles : Children all line up for outdoor learning fun.

This article talks about Forset School teaching which is an outdoor based lesson. The artical goes to say  "The children have an afternoon a week outside in our wild area. This happens all year, whatever the weather. Activities include shelter building; nature art; cooking; using tools such as potato peelers; and hunts for mini-beasts".

It goes on to say how parents are also welcome to join these sessions so that the children can show them what they have been doing. The also learn communication skills, problem solving and knowledge and understanding of the local environment, whether that is hunting for insects or finding out about plants or trees.

This article was quite a nice read and also backs up some ideas around 'mini-beasts' and outdoor games. It also brings to the table of the need to engage children of all ages to allow them to explore and have fun learning.

This article can also be found HERE 

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