Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Edited Base Apple

I have begun to edit/UV my models so they are ready and usable to replace the place holders. Although most of the sets objects do not need much of an edit, they all need a touch up.

Simple editing of shape and size with a shaped bottom stand.

While doing a base texture for the apple to work out ways to UV I also experimented with bump maps. I am a little unsure here about how much bump I should have on my object as I do not want to go over board. I like the more subtle two on the left ( the two next too the arrow) as I feel if it goes over or under, it will be to much or to little.

The base texture with a slight bump map. The colour of the wood is not fixed and may be edited later.
In each set of objects, for example the set of apples, I will possibly make 3-5 slightly imperfect and differing objects. 

UV Map

UV Map Bump

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  1. I think you should seek to get some carved detail into that leaf, Mike - simple, but adding interest to your scene - and also, a thinner, more shapely stem - just a bit more delicacy as a 'crafted object'.