Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Copper Test

For the stands/connections and gears, I am looking at having a copper or brass material. Here I have attempted to create a sort of copper texture and explored placing a bump map onto it to add imperfections. I quite like the bump map and its resulting imperfections but I am unsure on the texture it self due to how it sits with the wooden apple. It may be that the stand is a little to thick but something feels a little off. I will be looking into more of a brass texture to compare.


  1. I like the 4th combo, with that muted copper....

    In terms of different woods for different objects, you should definitely research lots and lots of wood samples, so you can get different colours and different grains etc.


  2. also - when it comes to your more complex forms - like the sheep for example, don't forget to keep looking at actual carving references for the shaping and the 'logic' of these carved objects; think like a wood carving guy as you finesse your objects, as opposed to just a Maya guy - it's all about bringing that sense of materiality and 'thing-ness' to your assets.