Friday, 25 April 2014

Setting Up Intro

I have now turned my attention to the intro of my animation. I had wanted a very metallic theme for the intro (in contract to the rest of the animation being made of natural wooden textures) but on apply the copper texture to everything as a test I was a little put off (image 1).


Copper Mad!


Lighting It Up

Still using the copper texture, I placed some basic test lights. I made it a little more appealing but feels a little to clean with its shine and reflectiveness.


Introducing Brass

Here I have swapped the back wall, fittings and fancy gear with the brass texture. I was unsure of this at first but coming back to this image, it is growing on me. The copper texture still feels a little to clean.


Lighten Up Mark 2

Moving around and duplicating the light I have lightened up the scene. I am unsure of this and feel that I have lost something that I had in image 3.

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