Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Improving Sheep Texture

Now that I have use of a faster computer I have begun to re texture my objects. However, as the sheep was one of the few that bothered me with its blurry texture, I have used this as a test subject. I have upped the resolution from 75 to 150 and edited its texture. From the base, I have also tried implementing a darker wood for the head and legs as to distinguish the wool. 

I quite like 3 as to me it is the most successful as it presents the face quite nicely as well as the legs. With the legs in no 4 I moved the darker wood down a little as to represent some wool on the legs. I am unsure on this as it (to me at least) looks off. 

There will need to be another go over to tidy up some lose bits but I am now more happy with how it stands.


  1. 4 is nice :)... something weird around its neck though

    1. Ow so you like leg of no 4?
      I'm not quite sure what you mean about the neck so you may need to point that out to me. However I will say this (in case this is what you mean) No 3 and 4 have a slightly different base texture as my computer crashed and I had to re do. That would be why it has a dark line at the front of the neck ( due to the texture being moved) if that is what you are pointing out. Also for the head, the base colour as bled up by the ear as the head is still attached to the body (UV) but will be taken apart when I look over it so the textures do not bled.

      Hopefully I have covered what you mean, but if not let me know so I can correct. Thanks Sammy ;)