Thursday, 11 April 2013

Building Remodel Progression

As I much preferred the flat ones from the more 3d buildings I have remoulded all the buildings to match this style. It has given the buildings a lot more shape and has made it a lot more smooth.

Building 1

Building 1-wire frame

Building 1-UV

Building 1-UV Texture map

Building 2

Building 2-wire frame

Building 2-UV

Building 2-UV Texture map

Building 3

Building 3-wire frame

Building 3-UV

Building 3-UV Texture map

Building 4

Building 4-wire frame

Building 4-UV

Building 4-UV Texture map

Building 5

Building 5-wire frame

Building 5-UV

Building 5-UV Texture map

Building 6

Building 6-wire frame

Building 6-UV

Building 6-UV Texture map

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