Thursday, 4 April 2013

Set Modelling Shift?

In making the props (tree and hill) it came to my attention it looked quite nice flat and thats how I modelled them. It then struck me, why didn't I do this with the buildings as well? I was not 100% happy with them as the didn't manage to the nice curvy flow that I had wanted. So, I went ahead and tried making a flat version of one to see what it looks like.

The top 3 images our of the original, bottom 3 are of the flat version.

Front view (original)

Front view - wire frame (original)

Front view - angle (original)

Front view (flat)

Front view - wire frame (flat)

Front view - angle (flat)

I personally prefer the new flat vision. I think it gives the shape I'm after as well as being a little more economical with my time, although this dues mean I will have to remodel my buildings again, but on the up side it took me half the time to make the flat than the original and should be faster to UV and yet give me better results.

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