Monday, 22 April 2013

Smoke Tests

Try to figure out a few things here. Im trying to work out how to get a flat layer of smoke (to fit my scene) as well as get a nice thick yet coloured tone to them. I also want it somewhat transparent parts to see the hills behind.

For the vast part I could not get a coloured tone to the particles, something was not working for the first part.

test one:
 Followed the cloud tutorial here to see what I could get. I did not like this as I felt I didnt have a lot of control like with an emitter.

test two:
This was a volume emitter which gave me a nice thick spread but at the start would not give me extra colours.

Test batch three:

these are from a surface emitter which so far has worked the best for a nice thick layer. Still could not figure out why I could not get colour to change to multi colour/ shade

test batch four:

Ended up figuring out  the colour and shade here from a volume emitter. Do not like the coverage here though. Now I have figured out the colours I now need to combine it with a nice thick layer.

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