Thursday, 13 February 2014

30 Second Shorts Ideas

After my chat with Alan about the possibility of making some 30 second animations I have tried to come up with a few, somewhat comedic ideas. Upon trying this I have found out I am not built for or  comedic minded.  However I thought I would note some ideas down and see what happens.

All these ideas have the theme of little things make big things happen and revolve around one man.

Card Tower

This idea is based in our characters living room. We enter when he has just finished building a tower out of cards. Pleased with what he has made he leaves the room to get a camera. While he is out of shot, a bee enters through the open window and lands upon the top of the tower. The tower then falls upon the characters re entree with the camera in hand.

Big Red Button

Set at work, the guy is at his sat bored at his work place which is surrounded buttons and leavers. After a while a button begins to flash. He then hesitantly goes to press the button. Nothing happens. He then repeatedly presses the button as nothing happens yet it still is flashing. It then cuts to a picture of the globe which then shows a little explosion.

The Big Screen

Set at home, the guy is just finishing placing his new plasma TV on the wall. He  then goes to plug it in but finds its a little short. It then shows him trying to pull the cord to get it into the socket. After a few attempts he manages to get it into the socket. When he flicks the switch to turn on the power and TV falls off of the wall.

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