Sunday, 9 February 2014

Brain Storming Ideas-1

Going from the idea of Little things make big things happen, I have been trying to think of a way to show this while also using Phil's suggestion of the possibility of it being metaphorical.

I have been trying to think of a main point are argument for my work for a little while now. And as I have not heard back from the bumblebee conservation trust I have decided to go with the theme of habitat lose.

This is one of the biggest threats to the bumblebee but I also found an interesting figure. In the UK gardens cover over on million acres which I think is also going to be apart of this idea.

Idea one

Im not sure if this is or if it could become metaphorical in any way.
The idea is based on the news channels like the weather etc.

Based in a sphere room, the camera turns around the room, viewings TVs and other such things. What is being shown is very much like a normal news channel but their stories have ties to the Bee in some way. 

An example could be the weather channel suggesting how the weather is looking grim with the development sweeping in from the west into the main land, taking more land and habitats or something along those lines.  

It would show a few of these, hinting at what happens if they decline and then brighten up, hinting at ways on how you can help the bumble, like planting flowers in your garden. An example could also be shown in the weather channel with little red dots appearing over the UK to show gardens helping the bumblebee by planting flowers for them. This then could slowly sweep over the UK as to show all the gardens doing this over the UK.  (Little things make big things happen)

The camera still turning would the end on a doors. The door wood open to show a garden full with flowers and wildlife.

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