Sunday, 16 February 2014

First Day On The Job Idea

This idea is quite simple but I found to be quite fun.  It is about a man on his first day of work. He is shown where he is about to work which is full of unknown buttons and levers. Then all of a sudden a button begins to flash. After a while he hesitantly goes to press the button. Nothing appears to have happened. The button begins to flash again consistently. Getting a little annoyed he begins to repeatedly begins to press it. Cuts to a picture of the world with a little explosion. 

An adaptation  of this could be with the window on the side. When he presses the button you see someone fall just out side the window. He heres a scream and looks out of the window. Seeing nothing (as the guy fell past the window before he looked) the button begins to flash again. Like before he begins to press it which ends up with a pile of people outside his window.

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