Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Children's Toys Idea Exploration

I liked the idea about the children's toys, safe guards etc and thought I would visualize and hopefully in my head explore it a little more.

While I was thumbnailing this out I was able to get more of a gist of how this could work. It may need a little narrative but would be like a baby advert. It would go from one image to the next (cam may be still or slowly moving on each image) showing all the little things to care for a baby child, toys,cot,safe guards etc.It would note all these little things and how they all add up to make a big thing, the loving care for the child. This would then be interrupted by a  dead flower in the babies room. It would be here that the key message would come up about this and then relate to the child in some way. Maybe like don't miss the small things and then relate to the Bees?  The flower would then be changed to a new healthy flower and end on the flowery garden with some loving pollinating Bees.

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