Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Brain Storming Continues - Lot 2

Continuing the brain storming, I have written down some ideas that came to me while watching the film Bee Movie. Some are less structure and are just a simple notion of an idea that has popped in and out of my mind.

Idea List:-

The Goldberg Machine
Old Film
Children's Toys
Bee Facts
Flying Pollen
Paper Plane

The Goldberg Machine:

The Goldberg machine is a contraption that is overly complicated to do something very simple. (like the car advert from before: Here)*/

This could be a way to show how a lot of small things can turn into big things and then end by planting a seed or something like that.

In not quite sure how this would play out but I though I would note it down.

Old Film:

This idea is based on photos and film from the present to the past, graying out and becoming more dirty and dull.

It starts with lush fields, flowery meadows and full of life. It would then move on to show a decline in flowers and houses/buildings one by one coming into shot. As this transition happens,  the screen and colour become grey and dulled, like old tea stained film. In other words, nature and the flowers are pushed away as developments begins and the natural life/colour fades away.

Im not quite sure how this would end. Something along the lines of a single seed or particle of pollen falling and landing on something and then colour and life comes back.


An idea I had while thinking of math is of a narrative piece, which tells and shows how things are connect to one another. Also how you can't have one without the other. This is meant to be somewhat comedic in a way. An example of this could be you cant have Dick with out Dom, Sweat with out Sour and Chips with out Seagulls etc showing how one comes hand in hand with the other.  This would then lead to the Bumblebee, pollen, flowers etc.

This would be shown in an empty space with things flying and popping in and out.

Children's Toys:

A collection of  shining  images of small toys for children and safe guards around the house like child gates etc. This would be with a narrative saying it is the little things that children love and how its is the little things that keep our children safe.

It would then turn to the future of the child, where they play etc, slowly making its way to the garden. It would say about trying to save the garden and to fill the garden with love so then the child has a bright future full of wounder in the garden of something along those lines.

Bee Facts:

A mix of narrative and images. As the narrative speaks about facts and interesting theories of the  bee, like how it shouldn't be able to fly etc, it will have little images that follow along. It would also say how the bee are important and how it would effect the food chain if they died out.

Flying Pollen: 

A Cam follows a bit of pollen flouting in the air. In the back drop you see all the things that relate pollen and how they help with. Leading to the result of pollination/food chain. an example could be a cow eating flowers or human crops etc. Finally, shows Bee moving the pollen and pollination fruit, veg and flowers.

Paper Plane:

The paper plane fly's out a window into an empty space. Random things pop in and out around the plane like flower meadows etc, then finally the bees pollinating them.This would end with a message of its the little things that go a long way. 

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