Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Little List To Experiment With

While waiting for a reply from the bumblebee conservation trust, I thought I would make my own little list of what is putting the bumblebee in puerperal so I can begin to experiment with style. 

-World War II : After World War II the government put much of the land into farming and thus destroyed much of the bumblebees habitat.

- The lack of  meadows for the bees to pollinate and thus feed on.

- Development 

- Neglect 

- Neoonicotinoids/pester-sides : From farm land and there crops, the gasses kill many of our bees.

The effect of what would happen if the bumblebees die's out.

- Pollination is the main consequence and thus many of the plants reliant on them to pollinate them would die out. This wood effect :

  • The foods we eat
  •  foods that feed animals such as cows etc 

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