Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Character Exploration

So going on some feed back from Phil I dug up a fashion book i brought a little while ago to look at how they draw there characters. Still going on the shillouette idea I came up with these.

Did this yesterday before all the art of the museums and fashion merged into my brain.


In these I very much like no 3. The idea for him is to really show in hard edges where the clothing is yet still try and retain some of no 1-2.


Just a walking pose with the cloak flowing behind him. Still working on his body shape here. I experimented here by using full on curves with the hard edges (best shown in the arms) As he is described as hard edged I thought Id see how that could be used. (still prefer no 3)


  1. 1 is nice - but perhaps you should look at the build of male dancers and gymnasts too, because of the agility and lithe muscularity of your character - I mean, we're not talking 'muscle bound hunk' we're talking agile and strong and very springy! You should watch video footage of them too - just to get your head around 'flow' and agility.

  2. also - saw this, thought of you!

  3. and this!

    I'm going to put these on the group blog - so magical! :)

    1. Very nice :) 1st one's shadow was so nice!